Ask Alicia: How do I address my escort cards?

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Q: I have created a fancy seating chart for my wedding, how do I address the names on the escort cards?


Always have your escort cards in alphabetical order for your guests to look through, last name first.

You can make one card per couple, married or unmarried, one for someone with a guest, and one for families. On the card you would have the name(s) and the table number or table name on the card. You should address your escort card the same way you addressed your invitations.  Your invitations will tell your guests if your affair is formal or informal.

For Married Couple:

Formal ~ Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Wright

Informal ~ Marcus and Alicia Wright

For Unmarried Couple:

Ms. Alicia August and Mr. Marcus Wright

For someone with a guest:

Mr. Marcus Wright and Guest

Honestly I sometimes find the word and Guest a little impersonal. When your invited guest RSVP have them include their guest’s name as well.

For a Family:

The Wright Family

Here are some pretty cool ideas for escort cards:


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